RITA heeled ankle boot
RITA heeled ankle boot

RITA heeled ankle boot


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Get ready to look stylish and comfortable during the spring and summer seasons with our black braided women's ankle boots, the perfect option to stay fresh and fashionable all day long.

These open ankle boots are ideal to combine with a wide variety of clothing. With its versatile design, you can create countless different looks.

In addition, its open ankle provides greater ventilation, keeping you cool even on the hottest days. With these summer ankle boots, you can experiment and create your own unique looks while following the latest trends. 100% made in Spain.


Heel height: 3.5 CM | Upper and lining: 100% leather | Sole: Flexible rubber | 3 mm gel padded insole


We give you some tips to take care of your Dansi:

  • Use the Dansi box to store your shoes when the season ends.
  • Clean your shoes before putting them away.
  • Do not place your Dansi directly in the sun or near heat sources.

We also give you some tips by type of skin and materials:

Napas and Leathers

To remove any layer of dust and accumulated dirt, it is recommended to always use a cloth and always rub dry until the dirt is removed.

Depending on the color, you can apply a specific cream to revive it, but when in doubt it is best to choose a colorless cream and restore its shine by rubbing.

Greasy stains are more complicated, but you can try to use a cleaner with a neutral PH and rub gently with a clean cloth, letting it dry away from light.

Suede and Suede

To clean accumulated dust and dirt, we recommend using a special sponge for cleaning footwear and always rub dry until the dirt is removed.

If the stain is liquid or greasy, the best thing to do is let it dry away from light and heat and try to remove it with a soft shoe-specific brush , rubbing gently so as not to pull out the hair.

Fabrics or synthetic materials

For the conservation of these materials, the treatment may be similar to that of textile clothing items. It is very important to analyze what type of material before acting.

Normally in these cases the best option is to use a cleaner with a neutral PH and rub gently with a clean cloth. Rinsing must be thorough to avoid soaking, and under no circumstances should the shoes be put in the washing machine.

Patent leather

It is the easiest material to clean thanks to the waterproof properties offered by the plastic film with which this skin is covered. It is usually solved by rubbing the area with a damp cloth .



You can call us at +34 965 44 88 59 or send us an email to hello@dansi.es . 

You have 15 days to make your return request. To make a size change, contact the address indicated above. Transportation costs will be borne by us. To make a product exchange you must first make a return and then make a purchase of the product you want.

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